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Assistance in hard moment


If death of close person has followed belong to call in house physician, which will ascertain death and it will expose death certificate (it is wanted for arrangement of farthest funeral formality) and inform funeral plant. 24-hour phones in our firm effective company ltd. (012) 411 45 02 or (012) 411 45 04 where they will lend our woman worker state of any information concerning transportation body person late.

It are belonged to communicate with chosen Funeral Plant (List and phone numbers in bookmark contact) for installation of detail of funeral ceremony.

It belongs to carry away for arrangement of funeralformality:

»Certificate of death by physician exposed (we handle exposure of act of death in offices in Office of Civil Status representing state),
»Proof of personal late deceased and NIP number,
»Personal proof living spouse person late,
»One of last section of pension of annuity and identification card of pensioner/annuitant (if it concerns death such person),
»Personal proof and NIP number person which commissions favor funeral.

If death has followed belong to communicate in hospital with chosen Funeral Plant, served documents bringing.

You can pay for funeral favor cash state or pay off non-cash. After signing appropriate document - a difference betwen funeral grant and funeral height of our invoice we pay out before funeral.

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