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About Company

Enterprise of Municipal Favor has emerged in crakow owing to privatization of City Enterprise of Municipal Favor in Cracow co. Ltd. 01.05.1992. We were privatized municipal enterprise in poland as first, which co-shareholders were worker only MPUK. It works in company over 40 knowledgeable persons presently, who are featured high personal culture, honesty and reliability. Management of firm puts particular push from our start of activity on quality of showed favor and winning of state of reliance.


We pass case, that death, especially close persons, it great tragedy even if we are prepared for separation, becoming in the article of death, we do not be able to advise in this hard moment with always surprising we situation. It comes simply, if we can entrust all formality relate with funeral, certitude have, that it will handle it we to professional manner. And so, many years experience of employee of our firm allows to be as assistance in most hard moments state professionally.


There we will be, where they will need states, because we show in optional place our favor and according to wishes of families, in the area of whole country.


We mediate in exposure of death act, payment of funeral grant, we will help state in choice of coffin, urns, flowers and we will agree upon content necrology. We prepare ceremony on cemetery and we will organize wish on states farewell solemnity. We have at disposal modern cars, and for storage late personal modern refrigerator.


We are Member of Polish Cremation Association, Polish Funeral Association, Administrators of Cemeteries and Funeral Companies. We own Certificate of Polish House of Businessman of Funeral Sector, which bands national funeral firms acting ethically and professionally.


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